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Leadership Team

Grant and Blake were featured in Profit Magazine‘s annual ranking of “Canada’s Fastest Emerging Companies” in October 2009, with Keen occupying the prestigious second spot. 

Blake Appleton ~ Biography

With a broad range of experience in both the agency and corporate sides of the business, Blake is a veteran of the IT staffing market in Canada. He started his career in the ’90s as one of the original Canadian members of a large U.S.-based IT staffing firm, and, from there, progressed from an IT recruiter role to become one of the most senior account executives for the company, leading the growth of its Canadian operations.

Prior to joining Keen, Blake provided consulting services to one of Canada’s largest retailers, Canadian Tire. Here, he successfully oversaw the development of a renewed structure, process and delivery model for IT consulting and contract services in the retailer’s Canadian operations.

At Keen, he assumes a leadership position that draws from his years of experience on the front lines in the staffing industry. Evidence of his winning abilities to build the key elements of differentiation that distinguishes Keen from the rest is indisputable.

Above all, Blake enjoys his downtime with his wife and two young children. He’s an avid baseball fan and always welcomes time up north away from it all.

Blake holds a Bachelor of Science degree in environmental science and biology from the University of Western Ontario.

Grant McKeracher ~ Biography

As Co-Founder and President, Grant brings over 16 years of experience in sales and sales management to Keen. Responsible for leading and overseeing the management of the sales and recruitment teams at the organization, Grant is ultimately charged with developing its overall direction for process and communication.

Before Keen, Grant started his sales career at Xerox, an experience he credits with furnishing him with critical leadership training. He then worked for a leading IT services firm before moving onto a North American technology staffing vendor where he led the development and pursuit of Fortune 100 clients  in the Canadian market. Grant’s diverse technology experience provides him a unique understanding of the technology sector and the significant role a staffing partner can play in the success of a client. Through his experience in technology sales and business development, he provides knowledgeable leadership and understands what it takes to create a better experience for our employees and clients. His innate understanding of people and how to get the most out of individuals’ abilities is what makes Grant stand out in the field of leadership.

Grant cherishes the moments with his wife and three young children. He also enjoys a competitive round of golf or hockey, the enjoyment of a good book and the glory of a good cigar!

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