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Talent Recruitment and Management in 2016

Here’s a prediction for the second half of the month of December: that the world will be papered in predictions.

Done, courtesy (in this instance) of global human resource and organizational advisory firm Korn Ferry. Its Futurestep division, aided by two dozen participating global experts on the stuff have just published their forecasts for the talent acquisition and management scene in 2016.

trendsHere’s what their sooth says:

  • Candidates will call the shots: by 2025, the ratio of workers to retirees will be about equal, making the candidate pool small; the call for specialized workers will get louder.
  • Investment hiring will edge out competition: companies will hire for personalities and corporate fit first, and train for skills second.
  • Smart data will source and develop talent: big-data talent metrics are standard issue HR tools now, with many companies hiring full-time analysts to study competitor talent pools and staffer ROI.
  • Streamlined HR technologies will enable centralized global recruitment: previously siloed corporate functions will acknowledge their shared interests and everyone will benefit.
  • The “candidate concierge” phenomenon will grow: companies will up the experience for would-be employees in swelling recognition of the value they might deliver.
  • Internal talent harvesting will grow: shorter ascents to productivity and lower staffing costs will push hiring from within into the spotlight.
  • Graduate recruiting will get fresh focus: companies will increasingly celebrate a whack of upsides associated with onboarding newly minted grads.
  • Embracing diversity will prove critical to growth: new data regularly endorse why diversity positively impacts business performance.

Told you so.

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