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How to Be the Office Cool Cat

We’re going to lighten it up a little this week (mostly because it’s too hot to lift anything heavy), and offer some practical advice for not getting overheated in a humid office. So kick back, strip down (ever mindful of the office dress codes!) and grab yourself a cold one (again, observing public protocols) and consider these tips for keeping your cool at work:

coolcatChill out your beverage. Change the temperature of your usual caffeine boost by switching out a hot cup of joe for an iced coffee. And keep the thing cold with a mini USB fridge that plugs right into your laptop.

Blow yourself. Set yourself up with an office-sized desk fan (ideally a discreet, quiet-running one), and make it more effective by blasting it across a bowl of ice water. Or create your own personal wind tunnel by placing your fans on the ledges of opposing open windows.

Be topical. Score yourself the instant relief that comes with some of the unique new cooling methods currently blowing through the offices of Japan. Users can apply foam sprays and gels to the backs of their necks and around their wrists or swipe a new-fangled “icy sheet” across their sweaty skin.

Get cool clothes. Jockey’s got a line of unmentionables — StayCool — that it claims can regulate your skin temperature by up to three degrees. The undershirts and underwear come in both men’s and women’s lines. And consider dressing up the exterior with a cooling necktie, a nifty new fashion statement that plugs into your USB port and shoots cool air into your mug with a simple tug.

Eat light. Foods loaded with calories pump up your body’s metabolism and increase your core temperature, so bring on the lettuce. Similarly, steer clear of caffeinated beverages that act as a diuretic — the resulting dehydration will heat you up.

Summer’s pleasures outweigh its pains by a good distance, but there’s no denying the forethought required to negotiate the sweatier parts of the season. Having a cool-down plan is key.

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