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Tackling Four Myths About Staffing Firms

Like used car salesmen and unscrupulous auto mechanics, staffing companies suffer a rep that precedes them. They’re considered aggressive cold callers who overcharge and are only in the business only of filling spaces with warm bodies.

Perhaps unlike the former pair, however, the current, highly sophisticated incarnation of a staffing company suffers this smear entirely undeservedly.

Here, we take on some of the more common misconceptions about this trade, the finest members of which have lifted themselves well above the roiling pool of nefarious behaviour with which their predecessors established such an unfortunate characterization. Remember… recruiters only get paid when a placement is successful and they never get recognized for many hours of labour for literally, nothing.


Staffing firms are only for temp jobs

Wrong. Certainly temporary placements represent an arm of staffing companies’ professional oversight, but a full-service firm will look after permanent, contract and temporary placements. And while an initial arrangement might be limited in its tenure, part-time and temporary positions frequently morph into full-time posts if the company and candidate prove a good match.

Staffing organizations charge a fee to use them

Also wrong. A reputable agency would never charge a candidate for working with them. Staffing firms’ money is made through client companies who pay for the service of having their job orders filled. And while agencies may take a percentage of a new hire’s annual salary or hourly wage, it’s a fair commission that’s predicated on the service of having found them a job.

Staffing agencies only administer low-paying jobs

Wrong again. Refined, smart staffing agencies matchmake opportunities for CEOs, CFOs, COOs and every other occupant of the highest rungs of the ladder. From marketing specialists to sales directors to engineering executives, these organizations oversee the employment opportunities of every last professional role there is. Full stop.

Staffing agencies don’t screen candidates carefully

So wrong. Good staffing firms have cultivated a detailed and proven process for assessing candidates that includes multiple levels of interviewing, employment testing, and background- and reference-checking. It is in their interest, after all, to achieve a placement that is considered a success by both sides of the equation.

So there you have the truth about the current state of the staffing industry. Let’s hope efforts like these work to turn around the pattern of the few bad eggs in this industry really frying things for the rest of us.

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