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Canada’s Tops for Job Seekers

Turns out Canada’s a pretty desirable place to hang your working cap, says a just-released global study that polled more than 200,000 job seekers in 189 countries, most of them skilled workers with post-secondary education.

Asked what factors would motivate them to work in another country, and to nominate their pick for the ideal employment destination, the respondents — 50 of whom also participated in in-depth interviews with the researchers — ranked Canada number three, after the US and the UK.


The US is the number-one foreign work destination, picked by 42 percent of the study’s participants. Thirty-seven percent said they’d like to work in the UK, and 35 percent picked Canada as their dream job spot. The study, conducted by management consultancy Boston Consulting Group, found that Canada has particular appeal for would-be workers who currently live in France, Mexico, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and the UK.

Among cities worldwide, London grabbed the top spot. At number eight, Toronto is the highest-ranking Canadian city to which workers would consider relocating. Montreal (#21) and Vancouver (#23) were the other two Canadian burgs to crack the top 25.

“Even among workers in large economies — the so-called G20 — Canada is often one of the most popular destinations,” the study reported. Its large English-speaking population, high-quality health-care system, environment of safety and security, varied climate and access to wilderness were also selling points.

One respondent compared Canada’s way of life to Switzerland’s. “A great place to live,” they said, “but not polarizing as much as other countries.”

As for Canadian job seekers casting their employment sights abroad, the 10 most common destinations cited by the 3,595 people polled, in order, were: the U.S., the U.K., France, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, New Zealand, Spain and Sweden.

Currently, some 12 per cent of Canadians live and work abroad.

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