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Moores Donation Program Gives Disadvantaged Men a Leg Up

Let’s say you’ve got yourself a once and future dashing suit that’s scored you a plum job or two and seen you through more than its share of board meetings. And let’s say that said suit is wearing a bit threadbare now, or maybe you’re just tired of the feel of the thing on your back.

Rather than relegate it to the depths of your closet where it’ll attract moths and little else, mens’ clothing retailer Moores has got other plans for your old suit: give it away and gift it with the potential to attend another season of board meetings, through a donation to the Moores’ Canadian Suit Drive.

Now in its fifth year, Moores’ Canadian Suit Drive invites contributions of gently used men’s suits, shirts, jackets, pants, ties, belts and shoes, as well as woman’s professional clothing. By dropping off their used work wear at any of the 100-plus Moores’ stores across the country, Canadians can give their sartorially challenged peers a leg up in their efforts to secure employment.

Through this initiative, Moores provides free suits and professional apparel to disadvantaged men who are transitioning back into the workplace. It does so by funneling its clothing donations to non-profit organizations that provide job-readiness programs for men seeking employment, on the strength of the conviction that there’s nothing like a good-looking exterior to boost the interior of a guy at a job interview.

As a thank you for their donation, customers get 50 percent off their next purchase (with a few exceptions) at Moores stores.

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