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BI and Mobility Climb the Charts Together

Another day, another raft of studies celebrating the brilliant and critical relevance of mobility in across-the-board business applications — not the least of which is business intelligence. In one, the Good Technology Index, BI is held up as one of the fastest-growing mobile enterprise apps out.

According to the Index — a quarterly exercise in identifying the superstars of enterprise applications and device activations according to their adoption rates across a range of mobile platforms and devices — social business, BI and secure browser were the fastest-growing mobile apps in the last two quarters of 2013. More than that, BI ranked among the top five most popular mobile enterprise apps of the last six months.

ImageThe Index reveals a 54 percent growth in the use of mobile applications, and a 55 percent quarter-over-quarter growth rate for custom enterprise app development. The greatest spike in this arena was seen in the BI, secure browser and social business app categories.

Additionally, the survey ranked BI among the top five most popular mobile enterprise apps.

In another stream of research, Ventana Research has completed a comprehensive evaluation of mobile BI products and vendors that exposed a powerful interest in mobile BI and a desire to improve the use of information thereof. While fewer than half of the organizations the benchmark research and business technology advisory services firm surveyed currently access BI capabilities on mobile devices, a full 71 percent expect their mobile workforce to be able to access BI capabilities in the next year. The research also uncovered strong executive support, with almost half of executives declaring mobility to be “very important” to their BI processes.

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