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Can Business Leadership be Improved by Hiring Older Staff?

A recent article in the Times Colonist asks the question of retirement-aged employees “Will you be able to retire on your own terms?”- to which an increasingly large number are answering  a resounding “NO”. Economic conditions, in combination with longer and better quality life spans, is creating a new demographic of employees.

The Wisdom is in knowing what to do with Knowledge… 

The ‘new face of retirement’ is moving on to another job after you retire from the first. Many seniors are finding that their nest egg is simply not large enough to sustain their expected standard of living and rather than limit those standards they choose to continue working. Others have simply found that the cost of living cannot be met by their retirement income and savings. The article goes on to point out that “Image

with the recent market volatility, not to mention the extreme market turbulence of the last five years, many Canadians are wondering whether they can retire when they want to, or even at all”.

Years of workplace and general knowledge have given this generation the wisdom to know that they will have to continue to work in some capacity not only to meet the budget, but to sustain an active lifestyle. This provides an interesting conundrum for the workforce- where to place this new generation of employees.

Leading the way…

A beneficial byproduct of the older generation is the ability to provide leadership and diverse talents to the pool of available staffing. Having moved beyond the years of providing for children and family the older worker has fewer demands on time allowing them to focus on projects in the workplace. Technology is always changing, but not an unknown factor as most have experience through prior employment. 

Moving back to the topic of wisdom also brings about the consideration of longevity and timelines. Consider that “…a 50-year-old worker with a postsecondary education could expect to work 14.6 years in 2009, compared with 12.0 in 1998”, and you see that there is a lot of time left for training or skills building. The life skills and knowledge that accompany a person who is willing to remain in the workforce can be of great benefit to an organization who is looking for a diverse staff base.

Where do I find quality staffing?

The key is in finding quality people who will share the interests and vision of your company. Are you looking for permanent staffing? Or do you prefer contract staffing? How quickly is your company expanding? If you would like to reduce time spent screening applicants, ensure that those you consider are well qualified, and have flexibility in your recruitment then we invite you to see what quality, innovation and affordability we offer to our clients.

At Keen we strive to deliver results to our customers, consultants and candidates via trusted relationships that last. We consider our customers and consultants as relationships, instead of a professional network. 

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