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A Comic Walks into an Office…

Flagging company morale, sucky communication skills and internal strife at a professional organization are no joke.

But some company CEOs are laughing just the same, thanks to the unorthodox program of corporate education for which they’ve recently signed up senior management staff: standup comedy.


It’s not because they’re looking for some comic relief to offset drooping ambiance when sales numbers hit the skids. It’s because the corporate world has finally made a bona-fide and unabashed connection between the power of laughter, the gifts of a skillful comic communicator and success.

The benefits to be enjoyed by sending your team for a standup comedy workshop are multiple. For one, introducing such levity to your endlessly earnest (and sometimes dreadfully heavy) corporate existence can give a bump to companies’ sagging morale. 

For another, the lighthearted (dare we say “fun,” even) communal effort can deliver much-needed relief to festering internal conflicts.

And certainly the exercise of standing in front of a crowd and attempting to make its members laugh can do wonders for a person’s communication skills, to say nothing of his confidence levels.

At the very least, the exercise will produce a less anxious workforce. Research has proven that an absence of laughter in the workplace is a major contributor to stress — and that the opposite is true in offices where laughter is encouraged.

Ultimately, participating in a stand-up routine enhances listening and storytelling skills — both essentials for corporate types.

Finally, consider this: Laugh at work and you’ll live longer. A team of scientists from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology at Yeshiva University — both in New York City — has isolated certain personality traits as being highly predictive of long life. And enjoying regular guffaws is among them.

And that’s no laughing matter.

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