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Recruitment by Facebook

Given that some 90% of recruiters currently use social media to help perform their jobs, it’s an increasing no-brainer that this landscape is fertile for recruiters and employers looking to fill their ranks.

Take Facebook, for one.

No longer a conduit for poking and cat videos alone, Facebook has evolved into a fully fledged recruitment tool whose vast audience — presumably dominated by the young and highly employable — now clocks in at a staggering near billion souls. Having recently outpaced Google in the push for popularity, Facebook is now the most visited real estate on the web.

The pie

•  85% of Internet users have Facebook accounts and 74% of them visit the site daily.

• 57% of Internet users have more than 100 Facebook friends.

• According to enterprise software-as-a-service provider HireRabbit, 48% of all job seekers (and 63% of those with a profile) did social-media job-hunting on Facebook in the past year.

How to get a piece

• Launch a Facebook group to establish yourself as a hub of expertise inside the industry whose employment rosters you regularly seek to fill.

• Consider the power of the potential brand ambassadors a Facebook presence makes available to you and your cause, like the 32 million or so (and counting) users who like Starbucks or the 30 million who are fans of Red Bull.

• Given that Facebook’s variably closed status can make direct sourcing a challenge, explore external Facebook network options like Spokeo, Pipl and Wink, where users can directly search for status updates and wall posts.

• The best Facebook career pages are clean and compelling, kept dynamic with news, links, and even contests and quizzes to engage an audience.

• Remember the power of current staffers in promoting your HR requirements. The more Facebookers who post links to your page, the better your chances at finding what you need.

• Investigate the range of Facebook job-search applications — a list that’s ever expanding. Work for Us allows allows users to convert Facebook pages into customized job boards; HireRabbit is an enterprise SaaSS that promotes itself as the most dead-simple option out.

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