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Rocking the RRR (Recruiter-Recruitee Relationship)

Ours is a time, they tell us, of inarguable and unmitigated contraction. Bellies are tightening, prospects are dimming, hope is shrinking.

Blah, blah, blah.

But let the sun burn clean through the gauze of despair, why don’t you, and you may well discover an adjusted scene in the gloaming.

Things are fiercely competitive on the job-seeking front, yes. But fantastically so. What’s better for a go-getter than the opportunity to get going? And, better still, to do so in the supremely competent company of a professional recruiter?

If your job seeking is taking place according to a recruiter-broker model, it’s important to exploit the resources at your disposal. Remember: Recruiters are paid to act as intermediaries. Here’s how to put them to work.

• Recruiters are professionals significantly better versed in the nuances of securing a job than suddenly unemployed you. Ask them probing, thoughtful questions that demonstrate your enthusiasm for the position — then listen to their answers. From CV-tightening tips to advice on appropriate interview dress, these guys have data points to spare. Let them take the lead.

• Still, don’t abuse the privilege. Whether the recruiter is of the retained or contingency variety, his time is money. It’s to both parties’ advantage to be succinct and candid.

• Once a recruiter has secured you an interview, the dance has begun. Check in with him post encounter, while your impressions are still fresh; his questions might prompt additional perspective for you.

• Don’t jump the queue. If a recruiter set up a love match for you, he’s going to be your chaperone throughout the courtship. If the HR folks want you in for another look, the recruiter will look after the particulars. Such intermediary intervention is a boon for you. An attentive recruiter may be able to punch your power points for round two or, conversely, smooth over a misunderstanding. And the tip sheet he can put together — including critical detail on precisely what their second-date focus will be — can prove invaluable.

• In quick order following the encounter, dash off a note of gratitude to the guy who interviewed you in addition to the recruiter. Such thoughtfulness can only serve you well.

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