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Social Media Footprints and Our First Steps

As our staffing and recruitment firm is growing into a mid-sized company, my business partner and I often get asked our thoughts on growth, our brand and our “social media footprint.”. . . Sorry, what was that last part again?

The first two are topics we discuss almost daily, but the last piece to that line of inquiry is something we felt quite ill-equipped to address. What is our Social Media Footpint — or SMF, if I’m being truly hip — anyway? LOL!

Clearly, we realized, the time had come to think about branding in today’s market and how to be a part of the social media train that Austin Powers might have characterized as having “already sailed.”

We both have Facebook and Twitter accounts, but surely those are for fun and to keep an eye out for what’s going on in the world around us? But wait. Lightbulb-dawning moment! This is when it struck me: there are millions (literally) of people just like us who head to their SMFs to keep an eye out for what’s going on in the world — and then to consider the impact it has on them. Whether it’s to tune into the latest financial crisis, the rate of unemployment, the Kardashians’ wardrobe missteps or the winner of a recent sporting event, people are turning to social media to help address their needs.

Keen, just six years old, is a young company with revenues in the double digits, but we spend precisely nothing on marketing or SMF. It’s an area that we increasingly recognize requires our attention if we are to continue our trajectory of steady growth. Our brand within our growing client base is known for quality. Period. So in our fledgling efforts to develop our electronic identity, we discussed our conviction that our commitment to quality be the unifying message that drives every one of our SMF initiatives.

And so we’ve begun the adventure with this blog to get our own story out to the masses in a controlled manner that reinforces the ideals that our clients, candidates and internal support team have come to expect of Keen. We’re looking forward to growing our brand and social media footprint in the weeks and months to come. We promise to step lightly, and we hope you’ll enjoy accompanying us on the journey.

Thanks for your time.

Grant McKeracher ~ Managing Partner

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